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Available Services

Business on Trend offers a wide variety of services, see the information below, you can also arrange a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your requirements

Law Consultation


Advice on EV Charger Regulations in the UK and Europe.

Product Portfolio Management.

Advice on creating Partnerships with software companies, installation companies, EV charger companies and EV charger accessory companies.

Advice for EV Start ups including creating business plans and go to market strategies.

EV Charger Analysis, find out what the competition is doing and how this compares to your brand.

Advice on building an Installation partner network, what qualifications are required, what services you need depending on what market and segment you are intending to operate in.

Feasibility study to advise on number and type of chargers available to you on the market, perfect for Local Authorities and commercial businesses needing some guidance.


Commercial businesses and Local authorities can use my services to find and deliver the best infrastructure for their business or public charging infrastructure.


Advising Start Ups

Are you an EV Start Up or an Investment Company wanting to get involved in EV?

Do you want to become a Supplier, CPO, EV Company?


Business on Trend can help your business get started or take your company to the next level of growth:

✅ Create Go to Market Plan

✅ Arrange Field Testers

✅ Installer Charger Reviews on Products and or Installation

✅ Product Feedback or Development

✅ Brand Awareness and Marketing

✅ Build Installation Partner Network

✅ Set up Sales Division

✅ Create Business Strategy

✅ Advice on getting setup

✅ Market Insights


Partnerships & Networks

✅ Business on Trend can introduce your company to certified EV installers/contractors specialising in full turnkey commercial, DC Rapid installations, PV, BESS and Renewables.

✅ Business on Trend can facilitate partnerships with software, hardware, OEM manufacturers, investors and more.

✅ Business on Trend can arrange field testing by trusted installers for new products, giving you invaluable feedback.

✅Business on Trend can help you launch your product to their extensive network of trusted professionals and potential customers

✅ Business on Trend can promote and sell your product to strategic partners

Contract Review

Contract Negotiation

Deal Brokering including terms.

Contract Terms including supplier agreement.

Closing high level opportunities and negotiations.

Creating business plan.

Online counselling

Advice & Insights

Customer experience analysis, are you customers getting the best service from your staff.


Market and industry Insights, could you company benefit from industry market information Stats, Analysis & Reports


Market Predictions, what's new and what is coming, what do customers really want

Sorting and Cataloging Inventory

Procurement & Sourcing

Procurement Energy Storage Solution Sourcing EV charger components.

Sourcing white label EV chargers.

Sourcing app and cloud-based products.

Sourcing white label clouds.

Project Management

Project Management 

✅Senior Sales Support for client meetings.

✅Event Attendance to gather competitor information, staff appraisal, advice and insights.

✅Advice on Tenders and Specifications Project delivery, full commercial turnkey services offered.

✅Advice on business delivery strategy.

Electric Car Charging Station

Product Development 

Create a single or 3 phase EV charger that can stand up in an aggressive EV charger market.

Creative design that makes your charger stand out from the crowd.

Required components to meet regulations and impress the installer market.

Advice on Smart and Electrical Regulations.

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