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  • EV & eMobility Consultancy

    ✅Advice on EV Charger Regulations in the UK and Europe. ✅Product Portfolio Management. ✅Advice on creating Partnerships with software companies, installation companies, EV charger companies and EV charger accessory companies. ✅Advice for EV Start ups including creating business plans and go to market strategies. ✅EV Charger Analysis, find out what the competition is doing and how this compares to your brand. ✅Advice on building an Installation partner network, what qualifications are required, what services you need depending on what market and segment you are intending to operate in. ✅Feasibility study to advise on number and type of chargers available to you on the market, perfect for Local Authorities and commercial businesses needing some guidance. ✅Commercial businesses and Local authorities can use my services to find and deliver the best infrastructure for their business or public charging infrastructure.

  • Partners & Networks

    ✅ Business on Trend can introduce your company to certified EV installers/contractors specialising in full turnkey commercial, DC Rapid installations, PV, BESS and Renewables. ✅ Business on Trend can facilitate partnerships with software, hardware, OEM manufacturers, investors and more. ✅ Business on Trend can arrange field testing by trusted installers for new products, giving you invaluable feedback. ✅Business on Trend can help you launch your product to their extensive network of trusted professionals and potential customers ✅ Business on Trend can promote and sell your product to strategic partners

  • Advising Start Up's

    Are you an EV Start Up or an Investment Company wanting to get involved in EV? Do you want to become a Supplier, CPO, EV Company? Business on Trend can help your business get started or take your company to the next level of growth: ✅ Create Go to Market Plan ✅ Arrange Field Testers ✅ Installer Charger Reviews on Products and or Installation ✅ Product Feedback or Development ✅ Brand Awareness and Marketing ✅ Build Installation Partner Network ✅ Set up Sales Division ✅ Create Business Strategy ✅ Advice on getting setup ✅ Market Insights

  • Contract Negotiation

    ✅Deal Brokering including terms. ✅Contract Terms including supplier agreement. ✅Closing high level opportunities and negotiations. ✅Creating business plan.

  • Advice & Insights

    ✅Customer experience analysis, are you customers getting the best service from your staff. ✅Market and industry Insights, could you company benefit from industry market information Stats, Analysis & Reports ✅Market Predictions, what's new and what is coming, what do customers really want.

  • Procurement & Sourcing

    ✅Procurement Energy Storage Solution Sourcing EV charger components. ✅Sourcing white label EV chargers. ✅Sourcing app and cloud-based products. ✅Sourcing white label clouds.

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