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My goal is to help individuals and businesses across the UK and Europe bring their ideas and businesses to life.

I’ve taken on a variety of small and large-scale projects, always exceeding my clients’ expectations. Take a look at my projects below.


I have successfully helped multiple start-ups turn their business into multimillion EV businesses, by creating go to market business strategies, increasing their brand awareness, selling their commercial turnkey proposition, setting up their commercial divisions and developing products and contracts to sell to the markets.

I can help starts up navigate the UK and European EV markets, whether helping with product development and Building brand awareness.

I can advise companies on building installer partner network, which is greatly important to offering a full commercial turnkey proposition to market.

I can advise companies on the best business development activities to see the fastest results and create their go to market plan and strategy.



I have successfully built up a wide and varying database of clients and contacts that can supply any product related to the EV industry, whether that is a white label AC / DC charger, energy storage products or EV charging accessories, there is nothing that I can not source for your company at a competitive price.

I can help companies source white label AC & DC EV chargers, white label software and clouds, Energy Storage Products, pillars and posts.


I helped clients adapt their EV chargers to the UK market by adding additional components and features like Pen Protection single and 3 phase, internal RCDs and changing the aesthetic design to a slicker more muted design so the product is more sellable.

I helped various clients understand the regulations and requirements for the UK EV charger market including what features are required to compete with the top selling companies in the UK.  By giving this advice to Hardware manufacturer they are then able to come into the market with a competitive edge over other startups.

With the information I give clients are they are better able understand what white label products are available in the market to strengthen their proposition to market.

Home Charger
Signing a Contract


I have negotiated various multiple million-pound contracts and deals, allowing startup companies to thrive. I have developed their products and portfolio range giving them the products that will sell well in the aggressive UK market.

I have set various commercial sales channels and commercial divisions and successfully managed sales teams bringing in millions of pounds every year. 

​I can help create a draft contract, set SLAs/KPIs, create wrap around services, negotiate contracts and terms and help set costs and pricing.

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