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DC EV chargers, BESS, Renewables and Microgrids.

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DC Chargers & Dispenser's

✅ Scalable and upgradable 60kW – 360kW
✅ Available standalone or with BESS
✅ 32” Advertising screen (available without)
✅ Slimline attractive design, cable management system
✅ PAS 1889 compliant units available on request for 2024 delivery
✅ Ultrafast charging available with limited grid connection
✅ Battery to Grid & Bidirectional charging available

NIDEC DC Charger
NIDEC DC Chargers in Colour

NIDEC DC Chargers in colour

Powered by Nidec, the colors of the dispenser can be customized to fit your branding strategy and company logo.

We offer a wide variety of options to choose from as an option.

Our standard units are
white and light grey

DirectPowerPS Multi

DirectPower PS consists of the following components: a customizable ergonomic dispenser, an AFE AC/DC Power Supply Unit with high charging capacity that can be connected to a LV or network, without the need of the installation/upgrade of a MV substation, a DC/DC Power Supply Unit, an incoming line unit, a Renewable Energy Connection Module, an Integrated battery pack.

This flexible modular solution allows us to quickly configure charging infrastructure from a single 150 kW unit up to a full multicar charging station using renewable energy sources. It can also be expanded
by adding additional power supply units and energy storage units to match power requirements.

This allows customers to tailor investments to their pocketbooks and demand over time. The renewable energy module can be supplied at time of original purchase or seamlessly integrated into the system at a later date.

NIDEC DirectPower Multi
NIDEC Solar and Battery Solutions

Solar, Battery and DC Chargers

The ability to power the chargers from the grid and from renewable energy sources such as PV or Wind allow the operator to maximize profit as energy can be bought, sold or stored based on time-of-day tariffs and availability of renewable sources.


Our highly advanced Energy Management System can help set the optimal charging time and includes options for day ahead and three day ahead predictivity on energy production from renewable sources. In addition, the batteries can act as a buffer, shaving the peaks of recharging requests for better power management and enhanced grid stability.

NIDEC Mobile Solution

A customizable containerized solution (fixed or mobile) can be
installed where it is necessary. The quantity of batteries and
dispenser (inside the container in case of mobile solution) can be
tailored according to Customer requirements

NIDEC Mobile Solution
NIDEC Limited Grid Connection

Limited Grid Connection 

Ultra fast charging even with limited grid connection.

300kW wherever it's needed

•Thanks to the embedded battery buffer

•With only 100kW (or even less with derating) input from the grid

•You can reach up to 300kW (or 2x150kW)

No Medium Voltage substation is needed

•Fast installation of the infrastructure

•No costly grid connections

•No peak load tariffs (demand charge)

Intelligent Power and Energy Management System (PMS) that optimize the power and energy flows of the system

•Connect your Solar plant to the charger

•Increase the efficiency of the system with the DC-bus technology

Microgrid Solution

PV plant

Roof, ground or canopy installations

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Cover the peaks requested by your grid and optimizes the energy flow of your asset to minimize your investment and

EV charging stations

AC, DC and battery buffers chargers cover every charging need

Customer Benefits

Energy cost Savings

Provide EV charging in a sustainable way

Improve Company’s image as a “Green Company”

Employees’ loyalty and satisfaction

NIDEC Advantages

✅Turn-key solution provider: centre of excellence for Microgrid and EV Chargers

✅In-house Power and Energy Management System

✅Lead time: charging infrastructure in few weeks (product dependant)

NIDEC Microgrid

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