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Electric Cars, Best Sellers, Leases and more

The top 5 best selling electric cars of 2022 (source: SMMT)

1) Tesla Model Y (35,551)

2) Tesla Model 3 (19,071)

3) Kia e-Niro (11,197)

4) VW ID3 (9,832)

5) Nissan Leaf (9,178)

In 2022 there were 267,203 electric car registrations (source: SMMT) which is a 40% increase on 2021. Overall of the 1.6 million new cars registered this is down by 2% due to the pandemic and the semiconductor chip storage.

This is why does allow for more time to increase the number of public car points that are required to meet the short fall. Currently the installations need to increase by 288% to meet the rise in the number of people driving electric cars.

If you are interested in a short term subscription or leasing an electric car the following companies can help:

· rolling 30 day rolling contracts available

· Octopus Leasing - Octopus Leasing

· Drive Electric - Drive Electric

· ElectriX - Electric Leasing

· -

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