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Top 5 issues facing the adoption of EV’s.

1. The public charging infrastructure has not kept pace with the amount of people buying and adopting EV’s, employees are being given electric cars, businesses are electrifying their fleets and unfortunately the industry is being met with challenges around new connections and supply’s, available land and long lead times for suitable DC Rapid chargers.

2. Businesses are using what would have been their green budgets to pay for their EV charging infrastructure aside for other business demands such as staff wage rises due to the cost-of-living crisis and they are hesitant due to UK market instability because of events like Covid. The events of recent years have made some businesses rethink their future strategies, but there are various ways to tackle business worries like lease contracts, fully funded and subscription models, this helps lighten the load and take away some of the financial constraints whilst allowing businesses to do the right the thing.

3. Monthly EV charger installations need to rise by 288% a month to meet the 300,000 EV charge points required by 2030. The only way this is feasible is by red tape being cut by DNO’s and Government departments, everyone needs to work together. Manufacturers can also make sure they are producing load limiting AC & DC chargers.

4. Land not being available, this can easily be helped by local authorities giving up some of their land and making it available for redevelopment and investment, including the park and ride sites.

5. Businesses not understanding the feasibility of their site and potential limitations of supply when choosing what chargers they would like. This is especially tricky for businesses that run fleets that need to be in and out of their business more than once in a day. The good thing is companies like mine can help with feasibility studies that will inform us of the max demand over a period of time, designs can then provide the infrastructure to meet their current and future demands, meaning they get most out of the chargers.

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